Monday, January 16, 2017

Spook and his new family

If you happen to know Homer and Peyton (Here they are with Paps on his BIG Tractor)

or the girls, Hayden, Kinsley and Kamrie;

then you know their Yaya and Paps got a new puppy! That's me- my name is Spook! They gave me this cool name because I was born on Halloween!
 I am from Sasser, GA. 
That town is very close to where Peyton, Hayden, Kinsley and Kamrie live. Yaya and Paps came to meet me at Covey Flush Kennel ,when they came down for Peyton's birthday. Yaya wanted a brown dog, but she fell in love with me when she saw me! Love at first sight. I think Paps loved me immediately too! I was wiggling so much it was hard for Yaya to take my picture. I think I was happy to meet them! 

That is my beautiful Mama, all my brothers and sisters are sleeping there- shhhhh!! 
Yaya said she would be back to get me and she was right! She drove down by herself and came to Covey Flush and picked me up. Dogs aren't supposed to use the bathroom where they sleep, but I was so excited! I had never ridden in a car before. The first thing I did was poop! Oops- Yaya had to stop in a cemetery and clean it up, so we could drive 3 hours without it stinking!! ShoooWee

This is when she first picked me up and wanted to take my picture to send to Paps! 
We had quite the adventure coming home. It got dark, I was being good in my kennel, when all of the sudden there was a loud noise and the car started shaking. I had no idea what was happening. I had never been in a car, let alone such a race track (I-285 Yaya called it), anyway- it was our tire. It exploded and Yaya was able to get control of the car and move it to the side of the road. I cried for a little while and then went to sleep while she waited on the people to come help change the tire. Finally we were on our way and I got to meet Paps again!! 
Look at his smile!! He is so glad he adopted me- I will love him forever!!
Since then, we have been having lots of fun. 

I could fetch at 7 weeks!!
I have even learned to play ball and do yoga with Yaya! Did you know there was such a thing called the down-dog?? That is me and Yaya doing it or trying at least!