Thursday, October 12, 2017

Opps, I screwed up!

So, this is what happened! Paps was packing and packing and packing for what he called our vacation, he says he only gets 1 every year. Yaya had packed and gone to work, she flies away for about 3 days at a time, so I am used to seeing her black suitcase. With everyone preoccupied I spotted some items that I thought should go in my belly, they did and I started to feel really bad. It was hard for me to eat, but I was still running around like crazy. I like to please everyone!
Well, Paps could tell I was feeling bad and he made Yaya take me to the Vet Doctor before we left on our vacation to the beach. They took a picture of my belly and could see I had something in there, that wasn't supposed to be. It cost Paps a lot of money and he was MAD!! Yaya was upset!

The Dr did the surgery and in my belly was 2 of Yaya's socks, 1 of Paps sock AND a paper towel. I was sad, because I had to stay at the Vet Hospital and not go to the Beach!! This is me on the ride home from the vet, AFTER P & Ya got home from the beach!

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