Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Opps I did it again, NOT!!

So today Yaya thought I ate another sock! She called Paps and said that there was only 1 sock left where he had placed them together, and that I had one in the floor. She picked that one up and started frantically looking for the other one. Paps yelled bad words over the phone! Yaya gave me that yucky stuff that makes me throw up, so I lost all my breakfast, but she didn't see a sock! Paps said to take me back to the vet and get a picture of my stomach, then give me away- if I have to have another surgery!! Yikes!! While he was on the phone and Yaya was listening to all that, she looked over and saw me digging around her rose bush. As if I couldn't get in more trouble, she came over to get on to me and found the other sock! I had buried it under her rose bush! I didn't have to go to the vet and Paps didn't have to give me away- Yey!!!

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